I’m not responsible for “PowerOfTheWeb.com” – Springfield, MO

I joined forces with my best friend, in the past, in a venture, that would forever change my life. I was let go from the company poweroftheweb.com which was owned by Billy and Billy Gilbert Sr. I’m now learning, after being let go almost 10 years ago, that I was blamed for its failure; in part that’s true.


Let’s talk about this:

I still develop websites that garnish industry-leading awards, earn money, and work for all my clients. I have invented, designed, and created new technologies that you view on a daily basis. For example, I was the lead digital developer for Wendy’s Flash Menus(menus with video and pricing). The interactive menu boards for Wendy’s were developed by me while working with Saatchi & Saatchi. The catch, I was their lead developer plus trained 3M staff to update boards across cities and states. It was thrown into my lap; Wendy’s. Why? Because I was the only one that could get it done. I was the only Lead Digital Developer for Saatchi & Saatchi that had the skills. Well, I completed it and received a standing ovation at work in front of 100’s of people. Plus it was streamed across the world to all the other branches of Saatchi. So a standing ovation for one person alone at one of the leading marketing firms in the world…

Let’s go on.

While working at poweroftheweb.com I was the only Creative Director, SEO/SEM Professional, Flash Developer/Web developer in this company, at the time of myself being let go of we were working on the Springfield Airport, OP Hardwoods & The Foot Doctors. The company was maybe a year or so old. I also knew and understood other platforms like XHTML, CSS, PHP, ActionScript, and JavaScript. This is what the company was founded on. This is what the company was before it was even formed. Prior to me being let go of, every website that was scheduled to be finished was completed on time as well as awarded on, most likely. I’m not trying to brag, but I love what I do and strive for the best. It’s who I am. It is why I excelled and still do to this day. It’s what I provided at powerofthweb.com.

We were doing so well I was published in a picture book about our city Springfield, MO.

This is what was written:


Packy Savvenas knows all about harnessing the power of untapped potential. His company, Poweroftheweb.com, is not only founded on that principle, its purpose is to help businesses do the same.

Poweroftheweb.com is concept-driven web development/flash design and marketing firm that knows how to harness the power of the web for its clients. The story of how Poweroftheweb.com went from dream, to start-up, to award-winning success in a timeframe that can be compared to that of high-speed access, is a story worth telling. First, it’s important to note that while the creative genius behind Poweroftheweb.com, Packy Savvenas, is now designing websites that repeatedly garner international industry awards, he has no formal training in design. And, while he admits to being an electronics and computer guru for as long as he can remember, he knew how to tinker and build hardware, but not how to write in the language of websites. So how did he start Poweroftheweb.com? More importantly, why?

My inspiration came from a painting of my sister. She was asked to model for an artist creating a poster for the U.S. Olympic Team. We are Greek-American, and he thought she represented the perfect blend of the country represented, and the country hosting the Olympics, explains Savvenas. The final creation was so moving that it stirred a latent talent in Savvenas. My parents tell me that I showed talent as an artist as a child, but I never pursued it further. They encouraged me to tap the potential by asking me to build a website for their business Manoli’s Jewelers. Long on determination, but short on know-how, Savvenas set out learning all he could about web design online, and within a year he delivered. His final design for Manolis– also his first website — has won dozens of international awards.

Springfield entrepreneurs Bill and Billy Gilbert recognized Savvenas’s unique combination of passion and drive and offered to invest in Power Of The Web, giving Savvenas the financial power and independence to grow the business.

Today, Packy Savvenas is making an impact in the industry with clients on the left coast, the right coast, and right here in the middle. Their work is so cutting edge, says Kasey Gillham, office manager for Gregg Stancer Realty. I was really surprised that they were local and doing that kind of work. The commercial realty business sought out Power Of The Web to design a website that would compete with national and international commercial realtors. We needed something that would tell our clients, and our potential clients, that although we are located in a smaller market, we mean business. Packy just took the ball and ran with it, giving us incredible results, Gillham adds.

Understanding that a well developed and up-to-date website is a fundamental requirement for building marketplace legitimacy and customer confidence is just one of the reasons that Packy Savvenas seems to get it right for their clients from the start. A perfectionist who also has a background in sales, Savvenas takes a concept-driven approach to the work. I study the client’s business carefully and develop the concept around who they are and what they want to portray.

Great design is paramount, but Power Of The Web also helps its clients through search engine optimization, content management systems friendly enough that clients can manage them on their own, as well as coordinated print marketing materials that harmonize with the Web site, the customer won’t stay more than a second,” says Savvenas. “We completely understand this, and that’s why we’re only happy with a perfect product for each and every client.” And it’s that focus and fulfillment potential that is the landmark of Power Of The Web.com


This was given to me for free. It’s the kind of book you find in libraries or Barnes & Noble’s about cities & states. I got listed in a 4 page spread in a book written for Springfield, MO. (They had a photographer from Nat Geo that did our photos. Nat Geo was an investor in this book.) Why? Because of what I can do. It’s because of my passion and my work up to that moment, creating award-winning websites that worked and garnered industry-leading Flash/CSS & PHP Awards.

A Golden spot in this book was 25,000.00. The publisher comes into my office, asks me to be the headliner, and says that he would do it all for free. And it’s placed at the front of the book with the Springfield Cardinals. Why? Because he looked over my work and knew I would make a great addition to this published book that would forever be in Springfield, Mo’s hands.

So what happened with www.poweroftheweb.com?

I taught one of the owners the basics of SEO and XHTML.

They then felt they could run the operation, let me go, and take the credit. I think?…

Him being in fast food and all, makes sense, nope?… Considering I was the reason why they invested in this company, they presumed to move forward and continued to try and complete projects that took me a decade to learn. I have since spoken with these clients and they told me that I was blamed for not finishing the projects.

What? They let me go!

So in other words the owners of this company decided to fire their only developer that could get the projects done that needed to be done. So, they let me go, they never finished the projects and they never paid these customers back. I don’t know what was said, I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I was blamed for this. They made me their scapegoat.

All I can say was I was let go, and Billy and his dad tried to complete these projects. They never hired anybody and never had the intention of paying these clients back. Instead, they blamed me for the failures while at the same time keeping their money and running with it.


I used the company credit card to buy a camera “being in this business a camera is a crucial component to a successful online marketing firm”. The next thing I know my phone is shut off, my key is taken, as I am tossed away.

Somehow they were able to gaslight me, by blaming me, while at the same time walking off with everyone’s money.  In other words they also gaslighted the customers also.

Then Billy and Billy Gilbert ran with a business they could never understand. Never. I don’t even understand how they could have even imagined how they would run this company. Remember, I was awarded and internationally recognized. But, they tried to keep the business going for themselves and yet they couldn’t finish any of the projects that were on their plate.

I grew up working on computers, design, and the passion to create and develop award-winning websites. And just like you, I am just as mad as losing my job to my best friend as you are about losing money from this company.

So after about a decade, and speaking to a client, we had back then, they presumed to tell me they were going to sue me for not completing their website. I was like what are you talking about? I was let go. But, after learning the other side of the story, the one I’m writing about now, this individual finally understood what happened. 

So, after speaking to the client I realized that instead I was sabotaged. Obviously, my friend felt threatened about the success that we were going to achieve and instead fired me and tried to destroy me. He then tried to complete projects that he would never be able to complete. All in all, it’s very sad.

I want to say this. No matter what side of the story you’ve heard. In the end it really doesn’t matter.

What does matters:

Billy Gilbert and his father didn’t finish the websites. Billy Gilbert and his father did not pay you guys back. Billy and his father did not refund you. It had nothing to do with me. I was let go of this company and they, in turn, did not finish your projects.

They were the owners and they were responsible.

I was just the small shared developer. If I would have owned the company I would have not been let go.

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