Hi my name is Packy Savvenas and this is my online resume.

I'm a senior web designer that helps online businesses achieve their goals by creating and developing websites that reach more customers and sell more products.

Over the last decade, I have spent thousands of hours designing and developing custom websites that are currently converting in multiple industries. These companies have used these websites to graciously earn a solid online reputation giving them the fuel they need to succeed.

“I absolutely love helping new businesses establish a credible online presence that people can trust and will buy from.” – Packy Savvenas

Professional Skills (Summary)

Senior Web Designer

Packy’s in-depth knowledge of front-end programming languages and content management, combined with his trained eye for aesthetics, makes him a remarkable senior web designer that is capable of creating or transforming average websites into high-converting business hubs. He specializes in creating award-winning, user-friendly, and responsive custom WordPress plugins and themes that happily meet the design and functionality specifications of his clients.

He has experience utilizing a variety of front-end languages, including HTML, CSS & jQuery, allowing him to overcome and meet any coding challenge. He has a thorough understanding of website architecture, a proven ability to manage multiple projects, and excellent communication skills which set him apart as one of his industry's most proficient service providers.

UX/UI Visual, Interaction & Motion Designer

Through the visual styling of applications via Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, Packy can effectively lead interface design of all types of websites, including their arrangement and relation. He’s a master at designing elements such as fonts, color schemes, graphics, buttons and menus while integrating them seamlessly into web interfaces allowing for better conversions.

While implementing interviews, competitive analyses, online surveys and focus groups, he is able to learn about users and their behavior, goals, motivators and needs. This vital information helps him to keep his finger on the pulse of user expectation and allows him to tailor-make user experience solutions that meet these demands. By designing wireframes that represent a user’s journey as they navigate a website or application, including UI elements such as buttons and images, he can accurately portray and assess user experience and proactively improve on its shortcomings, building solutions that users can’t help but enjoy interacting with.

SEO/SEM Specialist

Packy’s proven SEO and SEM experience, which he gained first-hand from managing SEO on-page & off-page strategies and campaigns across Google, Yahoo, and Bing, gives him a solid understanding of performance marketing, conversion rates, and online customer acquisition. His in-depth experience with website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Ahref's allows him to perform in-depth site audits while creating recommendations around structured data, HTML sitemaps, site hierarchy, internal linking, and so much more.

Packy’s self-published SEO pocket guide, “Beating the SEO Game” is considered a must-have tool for new businesses and marketers who want to improve their web presence and strengthen their SEO strategy.

Award Winning Photographer

In addition to his other gifts, Packy is also a talented photographer who is able to capture and edit visual content for multiple platforms. He is able to deliver the final product to various sources including internal and external customers, media, graphic designers and corporate communications.

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