When creative intellect is matched with a passion for achieving outstanding results, excellence is inevitable.

Packy Savvenas is utilizing the power of the web to help businesses achieve their goals, reach more customers & sell more products.

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Award Winning Developer

From leading digital development projects for industry leaders such as Wendy’s, Procter & Gamble and Iams, creative software developer and SEO master, Packy Savvenas, has earned himself a reputation as a gifted tech-spert who delivers excellent results on time, every time.

In the last decade, he has innovated, created, and crafted hundreds of websites plus sales funnels for a global entourage of clients. Giving them the opportunity to tell their story and change the world.

Award Winning Designer

Award Winning Designer

Loves Helping Others

Loves Helping Others

Understands Your Needs

Understands Your Needs

Web Development Master

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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack / Front-End Developer - Front-End Engineer - Web Designer

Packy’s in-depth knowledge of front-end programming languages and content management, combined with his trained eye for aesthetics, make him a remarkable Full Stack Developer that is capable of transforming average websites into high-converting business hubs. Packy’s speciality is creating eye-catching, user-friendly and responsive websites that perfectly meet the design and functionality specifications of his clients.

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He loves helping people just like you get their story out for the world to see.

Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineer

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as practical knowledge of a variety of front-end languages including CSS3-CSS4, HTML5, and jQuery, Packy is prepared to meet any front-end coding challenge. He is well-versed in code versioning tools including Git, Sublime, Mercurial, and SVN and has solid experience with debugging tools such as Chrome Inspector and Firebug. His thorough understanding of website architecture, proven ability to manage multiple projects and excellent communication skills set him apart as one of the most proficient service providers in his industry.

UX/UI Visual, Interaction & Motion Designer

UX/UI Visual, Interaction & Motion Designer

Through the visual styling of applications via Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and illustrator, Packy is able to effectively lead interface design of all types of websites, including their arrangement and relation. He is a master of important design elements such as fonts, color schemes, graphics, buttons and menus and integrates these seamlessly with web interfaces and calls-to-action. By implementing interviews, competitive analyses, online surveys and focus groups, he is able to learn about users and their behavior, goals, motivators and needs.

This vital information helps him to keep his finger on the pulse of user expectation and allows him to tailor-make user experience solutions that meet these demands. By designing wireframes that represent a user’s journey as they navigate a website or application, including UI elements such as buttons and images, he can accurately portray and assess user experience and proactively improve on its shortcomings, building solutions that users can’t help but enjoy interacting with.

SEO/SEM Specialist

SEO/SEM Specialist

Packy’s proven SEO and SEM experience, which he gained first-hand from managing SEO on-page & off-page strategies and campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing, gives him a solid understanding of performance marketing, conversion rates, and online customer acquisition. His in-depth experience with website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, MOZ, Sem Rush, NetInsight, Omniture and WebTrends allows him to perform in-depth site audits while creating recommendations around structured data, href lang tags, robots.txt, XML and HTML sitemaps, site hierarchy, internal linking, canonical tagging, redirect best practices and so much more.

Packy’s self-published SEO pocket guide, “Beating the SEO Game” is considered a must-have tool for new businesses and marketers who want to improve their web presence and strengthen their SEO strategy.

Download today.

Marketing Expert

Marketing Expert

Packy is a team player who collaborates exceptionally well with other departments and team members to brainstorm inspired subjects for creative content. His skills in writing new web content and editing existing content has been proven to lead to higher conversions for his clients. By actively managing the distribution of content through various channels, including social media, he is able to clearly and consistently represent the brand voice and create a distinctive brand identity that appeals to customers.
Award Winning Photographer

Award Winning Photographer

In addition to his other gifts, Packy is also a talented photographer who is able to capture and edit visual content for multiple platforms. He is able to deliver the final product to various sources including internal and external customers, media, graphic designers and corporate communications.

View his Wildlife Photography



Design Skills

Design Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite 95% 95%
  • Web Design 99% 99%
  • Graphic Design 99% 99%
  • Adobe Photoshop 99% 99%
  • Adobe XD 92% 92%
  • Adobe Bridge 99% 99%
  • Adobe Premier / Rush 90% 90%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 95% 95%
  • Adobe Illustrator 90% 90%
Coding Skills

Coding Skills

  • HTML, HTML5 /CSS/CSS 3/CSS 4 100% 100%
  • Bootstrap 99% 99%
  • SCSS 99% 99%
  • SASS 95% 95%
  • JavaScript 92% 92%
  • jQuery 90% 90%
  • React 85% 85%
  • PHP 80% 80%
  • Python 85% 85%
  • MySQL 92% 92%


  • Sublime Text 99% 99%
  • MS Office 95% 95%
  • G Suite 95% 95%
  • Github 95% 95%
  • Filezilla 99% 99%
  • WHM/Cpanel 98% 98%
  • WordPress 99% 99%
  • Advanced Custom Fields 99% 99%
  • Woocommerce 99% 99%
  • Visual Composers 99% 99%
  • Windows 99% 99%
  • Mac 85% 85%
SEO Tools & Skills

SEO Tools & Skills

  • Keyword Research 99% 99%
  • Answer the Public 99% 99%
  • Google Keyword Planner 99% 99%
  • SEM Rush 99% 99%
  • MOZ 99% 99%
  • Ahref 99% 99%
  • Ahref’s Keyword Generator 99% 99%
  • ON Page SEO Tools 99% 99%
  • Off Page SEO Tools 99% 99%
  • Rank Math 95% 95%
  • Yoast 99% 99%
  • Google Rich Results 95% 95%
  • Link Buidling 95% 95%
  • Google Search Console 95% 95%
  • Google Analytics 99% 99%
  • Google My Business 99% 99%
  • Cloudflare 99% 99%
  • GT Metix 99% 99%
  • Pingdom Website Spped 99% 99%

WebIOB - Interactive Online Book

Back when Packy started he was credited with foresight, creativity, and talent to bring one of the first online interactive books to market. He expertly initiated page-flipping components to allow in-depth interaction. He also replaced flat illustrations with Flash framework animations for heightened engagement.


  • He collaborated with Simon & Schuster and Jon Scieszka, the first children’s Ambassador to Literature, to develop one of the first online books with interaction capabilities.

Don’t let your website or your marketing drag you down. Let Packy Savvenas help grab hold of your success.