Poweroftheweb.net is concept-driven web development/graphic design and marketing firm that knows how to harness the power of web for its clients. The story of how Poweroftheweb.net went from dream, to start-up, to award-winning success in a timeframe that can be compared to that of high speed access, is a story worth telling.

First, it’s important to note that while the creative genius behind Poweroftheweb.net, Packy Savvenas, is now designing websites that repeatedly garner international industry awards, he has no formal training in design. And, while he admits to being an electronics and computer guru for as long as he can remember, he knew how to tinker and build hardware, but not how to write in the language of websites. So how did he start Poweroftheweb.net? More importantly, why?

My inspiration came from a painting of my sister. She was asked to model for an artist creating a poster for the U.S. Olympic Team. We are Greek-American, and he thought she represented the perfect blend of the country represented, and the country hosting the Olympics, explains Savvenas. The final creation was so moving that it stirred a latent talent in Savvenas.

Understanding that a well developed and up-to-date website is a fundamental requirement for building marketplace legitimacy and customer confidence is just one of the reasons that Packy Savvenas seems to get it right for their clients from the start. A perfectionist who also has a background in sales, Savvenas takes a concept-driven approach to the work. I study the client’s business carefully and develop the concept around who they are and what they want to portray.

Great design is paramount, but Power Of The Web also helps its clients through search engine optimization, content management systems friendly enough that clients can manage them on their own, as well as coordinated print marketing materials that harmonize with the Web site, the customer won’t stay more than a second,” says Savvenas. “We completely understand this, and that’s why we’re only happy with a perfect product for each and every client.” And it’s that focus and fulfillment potential that is the landmark of Power Of The Web.net


Packy Savvenas was also credited with the foresight, creativity and talent to bring one of the first online interactive books to market. Collaborating with Simon & Schuster and Jon Scieszka, the first children’s Ambassador to Literature, to develop one of the first online books with interaction capabilities.


Writing structures a fundamental piece of his being and excursion, his writing ventures has birthed the publishing of three books: Beating the SEO Game and Social Media Business Tools. He has also written books on Wildlife Photography as well, he has been a self-taught photographer for twenty years and a professional photographer for the past ten years, capturing the charm of the wildlife and he continues to do so to date.

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