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Hello, Power of the Web community! We’re thrilled to present our new video series designed to make web design an enjoyable and enriching journey.

In our first video, “Intro to Elementor by Power of the Web,” Packy Savvenas draws from his vast 15-years of experience in web design to introduce you to Elementor, a powerful and versatile WordPress page builder.

You’ll learn how to install Elementor and navigate its intuitive interface. Packy will guide you through creating your first page and understanding the basics of sections, columns, and widgets – the building blocks of your website.

Packy’s teaching style, inspired by the renowned Bob Ross, ensures a fun and relaxed learning environment. As we delve into Elementor together, we’ll embrace every happy little accident along the way.

Join us as we unravel the power of Elementor and create beautiful websites together. Our next video will focus on the art of crafting engaging headers, so stay tuned!

Watch the video on our @poweroftheweb and don’t forget to subscribe for more entertaining web design tutorials. #Elementor #WebDesign #PowerOfTheWeb

Embrace the journey and the joy of creation!

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Packy Savvenas

Packy Savvenas is a seasoned web designer dedicated to assisting online businesses in achieving their objectives. By crafting and enhancing websites, he ensures broader customer reach and increased product sales.